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After you install WADF and watch the intro movie, do the practice level to learn the controls. It's fairly easy, so I'm going to assume you can do it without a walkthrough. When you're done with it, the exit is to the right of where you started.

If you want more info about WADF, visit the forums at for glitches and challenges and other fun things to do.

Getting Ball #2 Edit

After you finish the practice level, select Pinewood Heights from the menu (and SAVE). Since you only have the puny blue ball, your first goal is to get a ball that bounces higher.

Climb up the hill to the right. Jump over the big hole in the ground (but don't worry if you miss because the pipe on the right will bring you back up) and roll down the hill. Hit the warp spot (ignore the tower for now) and continue to the right.

Climb the hill and hurry past the fire spitting snake. If he kills you, don't worry too much because you will restart at the warp spot. Hit the warp point and enter the house below. This little guy gives a lot of hints about the game, so scroll down through all of them and then exit the house.

Jump over the little hole and head right. Bounce up the cliff, watching out for the spikes. There is a cave here with wind blowing out of it, but you can't go inside yet, so continue up the cliff. At the top is a warp spot and a spike-lined pit of lava.

The heat from the lava makes a wind that will lift you up. Jump right in and head for the far side. Pressing up or down while floating in that direction will give you added speed. The next room has more lava, but now there are platforms over it (and no wind to float on). Make your way carefully across, hit the warp spot, and jump the lava to the next screen. The lava in this room spits fire, so move quickly to avoid being burned.

The next room looks like a dead end. Jump off the cliff and head straight down. Make your way to the right and you will meet a spiky creature with a pillar of light in front of him. Step into the light and press Enter to get a new ball. Make sure you don't run into him because he will pop you.

Now with your new pink ball, go left into the menu screen and save it.

Getting Ball #4 Edit

Wait, Ball #4 you say? What happened to ball #3? Well, Ball #4 is very close by here, and it is quite good, so we will be getting it now.

Head left over the snail and the hole and you will come to a few floating green platforms. There's a little green man who seems to think it's too hard for you. Don't believe his lies and climb the platforms.

They are equipped with a bouncy thing that will throw you around. Try to land in the center of the platforms and you will go straight up. If you land on the edge and get thrown off, just walk back over and climb up again. At the top is a strange hovering thing with a beam of light pulling upwards.

Set yourself in the center of the beam and go inside.

That Hover Thing Edit

From the warp spot, head to the left. The first room is empty.

The second room has an alien with one eyeball floating around on a disk. Watch how he moves before setting out into the room. He's quite tricksy. The first time you strike one of the arrows on the wall, it will reverse your left/right directional controls. Press left (to go right because it's reversed) and bounce over the median and enter the next room.

This room has laser floors and ceilings and a breeze pushing upwards. Stand on the raised part and hold S bouncing once, then make a dash for it. With any luck, you'll dodge right under the wall and make it into the next room.

The next room has some useless barrels, just go past them into the next room.

This room is a bit trickier. There is a laser floor and wind pushing down. Hold S and position yourself on the first platform. Then hold S and left and make your way across. Let go when you are past the laser floor and enter the next room.

This room has a yellow block wall and an alien sitting next to a pillar of light just like the one you got your pink ball from. Drop down into the tunnel and head right, all the way to the end. Ride the wind up from the tunnel and bounce over to the warp spot and hit the yellow switch. The yellow switch makes the yellow blocks transparent. Now the path to the pillar of light is open.

Unfortunately, you have to walk all the way back across the level. The first room is empty. The next room has a turret moving up and down on a pole. Wait for it to move towards the top, and then bounce over the barrels. Bounce up onto the barrels on the left. Move right while in the air and then left to get over the lip of the next platform. Hit the warp spot and move into the next room. You'll need it.

This is another room with laser floor and ceiling. My preferred way of getting through this room is to use ball #1. Stand on the first platform and bounce up twice (holding S). Quickly move across half the room to the set of platforms on the left. Once you are in the air, let go of S and land on the third platform from the left. When you land, move left again and you'll clear the platforms and have an easy path to the next room.

This next room also has a laser floor, so be careful how fast you enter it. Hit the warp spot and watch the strange green blob move for a little while. When you've learned its pattern, step onto the platform and jump across to the next room.

I like to use ball #1 and bounce twice, moving left over the middle platform. The next room has no warp spot and a moving turret. Climb over the turret and head left.

You will notice there is a wind here pushing up. When you fall off the edge, hold down until you clear the lip of the bottom platform, then let go and head left into the next room. This room might look familiar because it's the room you started off in. Go back through doing the same thing you did the first time, remember about the left/right reversal part with the floating alien and head through to the pillar of light.

Press Enter inside it and get your new green #4 ball. It bounces much higher than the pink ball. After playing around with it for a little bit in the alien's room, press Esc to exit the level.

Getting Ball #3 Edit

When you appear in Pinewood Heights again, head left into the Save Cave and save. Our next destination is the tower we skipped at the beginning.

Bounce over to the left past the green platforms and you will see a room with a cat sitting on a hill. There is a wall to the left, so fall down the hole on the right. The lava at the bottom of the hole has a wind, so press up and down with the wind to aim yourself, and then move through the tunnel to the left. Make sure you don't go too fast near the end, because there's another pit of lava on the next screen.

Hit the warp spot and then press Space Bar to re-choose balls. I like to use the #1 ball for this area because it moves very smoothly. Move off the warp spot and hold down to clear the ceiling of the cave, and then move left through the opening. Remember where this cracked log-bridge thing is, because we will be returning here later.

Continue left, be careful of the lava, climb over the small hill in the tunnel and hit the warp spot. Jump over the lava pools and head up out of the tunnel. You'll pop out at the hint giver's house. Hit the warp spot, then press Space Bar to switch to ball #4. Head left past the snake and climb up the tower. The black bricks are the ones you can stand on. With #4 it's not terribly difficult to climb the tower. If you fall off, press Space Bar to return to one of the warp spots on the tower. Enter the door once you reach the top.

Shinock Reign Edit

The tower of Shinock Reign has two buttons in the top right. Choose ball #1 and hop over.

Probably the first thing you'll notice about this level is the spidery thing in the top left. Hit the red button and watch the spider move out into the room. When he walks past the blue outline, hit the blue switch. After he bounces off the blue blocks and heads left past the red block, hit the red switch, then move back to the blue switch to activate the blue bridge.

This part is a little bit tricky. You have to alternate on the switches to lead the spider across to the hole in the ground. Once you've got him down to the next screen, head through the hole in the floor and hit the warp spot.

The spider is being blocked off by a red block. Stand on top of the red block and wait for him to bounce off the red blocks and go right, then hit the blue switch and quickly go down and step on the red switch. If you're quick enough, the spider will walk across the red platform and fall down into the next room.

Head over to the warp spot, making sure not to touch the spider, and wait there for a little bit. Wait for the spider to be over the hole in the center, and then touch the blue switch to drop the floor. Now, do the same thing and drop the blue floor when the spider is in the center. If you're playing on hard, there is a blue wall at the bottom blocking the path down. You have to be quick and hit the blue switch after the red one.

Follow the spider down, and touch the warp spot. Use the buttons on the ceiling here to get the spider to the right. Once you've done that, it will hit the yellow switch and remove the yellow blocks, opening your path to the pillar of light and a new ball. Press Esc to exit the level.

Getting Ball #5 Edit

Personally, I find it easier here to go back to the warp spot at the base of the tower with #4, and then press Space Bar to switch to #3. Head left from the tower and up the slight hill. There's a cracked log blocking a hole in the ground. Hold S and bounce on top of it until it falls in, and land in the mine cart.

Markstone Ridgemine Edit

Rather than tell you exactly how to move through here, I will give you some general tips. First, the longer you hold S, the higher you will jump the minecart. Second, you can move left and right to avoid the obstacles. You can tap S to jump the small rocks.

Once you've finished the mine cave, you'll come to a small room. Pick any ball and head right. Enter the pillar of light and press Enter to get ball #5, which happens to be my favorite. Press Esc with your new glass ball and head back to Pinewood Heights to save.

Getting Ball #6 Edit

Our next destination (after you save) is the big windy lava pit that is surrounded by spikes at the top of the mountain.

With ball #4, it won't take very long to get back there. Hit the warp spot at the edge of the lava pit, then Space Bar and switch to ball #3. Head down the cliff and enter the cave with wind blowing out it. Ball #3 is heavy enough to move through the wind.

Head down to the right and carefully move over the lava. I find it's easier to bounce the ball as high as it will go so it responds better to the controls. Fall down the pit at the left and you will see a familiar area. Again, be careful of the lava. Head right to the next screen.

Don't go over the windy lava pit. Instead, stand on the log and hold S until it breaks.

Ljus Edit

Pick ball #4 and fall down the looooooong hole. This area has no music and is fairly creepy to me.

Jump across the water and activate the warp spot in the next room. Your goal here is to bounce from the platform and hit the button on the ceiling, and then land on the newly created bridge. It takes a little getting used to, so be glad there is a warp spot here.

After you brave the water, head left SLOWLY into the next room. Take your time and bounce over to the next warp point. Here you have to hit another button on the ceiling like the last room. Don't worry about surviving. I find it easier to trigger the button with one jump, and then jump over after falling in.

Climb up onto the next screen and take care not to hit the blue button. Move on top of the red blocks and bounce up to the warp spot. Bounce as high as you can and make your way to the top, then enter the tunnel on the left.

Here you will see a creepy scene with a bear and a tea party. Ignore the bear and head left. Stand on the warp spot and look up. There are two spiteful little men with access to buttons. If you go near the red blocks, they will switch them so you fall in or get deflected and fall in. For this room I find it easier to switch back to ball #1. Jump onto the first platform and tap A to end your bounce. Then, hold left, clear the second platform and enter the tunnel.

Make sure you don't go too fast through here. Hit the warp spot at the end of the tunnel and then Space Bar and switch to #4 again. Bounce on top of the pillars and climb to the left. Move upwards and when you reach the top, head left and fall down the looong hole into Utopioca.

Utopioca Edit

This is my least favorite level of the game. It is a nightmare of colored lines and blackness. The music creeps me out and reminds me of Salad Fingers.

The first room consists of different colored line designs. You start off in the red lines. Pick #4 and move through the hole in the floor. You will go off the bottom of the screen and appear on the top.

However, now you are in the blue lines. Head down and move off the right side to appear on the left in the yellow lines. Bounce up off the top of the screen to the purple lines and land on the left side of the ground.

This room has square platforms to bounce on. With ball #4, just bounce on top of the middle one, and then move right into the next room. Make SURE you go slowly into the next room and activate the warp spot. If you pass it and you aren't using ball #4, you'll have to do the whole thing over again. Head down and talk to the purple thing, who asks if you know what Space Bar does. You've used it before now if you've been reading the guide, so I hope you know what it does by now. Do as he says and press Space Bar, then switch to ball #3.

This next room is different than the previous room. Each set of lines counts as a wall to different balls. The red lines are walls to every ball, and the grey ones are a wall to balls #3 and #5.

Aim for the grey squares and bounce your way over to the right and a warp spot. Now, Space Bar and switch to #2 and fall down the tunnel to the right. The purple lines are walls to ball #2. Find the gap in the ceiling and bounce up to the screen with the warp point again.

This time, you are on the other side of the purple lines. Move upwards and use the purple squares as platforms to climb the cliff. Touch the warp spot and switch to ball #1. Head right and take a close look at this room. The room on the right is a mirror image of the room on the left.

I find the easiest way to do this room is to fall down past the first platform, then use your momentum to bounce over the electrical tile down onto the next tile. Use your momentum again to clear the last electrical tile and fall down to the next screen. Hit the warp spot, Space Bar to ball #5, and use the grey platforms to move right. The first two jumps here are a bit tricky, so don't be discouraged if you fall in a few times.

Tag the warp spot and switch to ball #2. Hold left and A to minimize bouncing, and move to the bottom platform. Because of the ceiling, you have to use low bounces to move across the platforms. Climb to the right and enter the tunnel under the lip. Use the warp spot, and jump the pit for the far side.

Head right and press Enter in the pillar of light for ball #6. It's quite heavy and slow. You will meet the creature who created this hellish cave of lines with his Yoga powers. When you're done, press Esc to head back to Pinewood Heights and save.

Getting Ball #8 Edit

We are going to leave ball #7 for last because:

Reason #1: It is a useless gimp ball.

Reason #2: The level is hard.

Reason #3: We are standing next to the entrance for another level.

Pick ball #4 and head up the cliff to the left. You will see the strange Yoga creature and a ring attached to the left side of the cliff. Head up and activate the warp spot. Switch to ball #6, touch the white platform with the Yoga thing drawn on it. This activates the ring. Bounce into the ring and you will be transported to the next area.

The Lunar Cheese Extraction Facility Edit

Choose ball #4 for this area. This whole area is fairly straightforward.

Fall down and head left. Jump onto the grey platforms and head up and left. Eventually you will come to a warp spot on top of a large grey thing. Bounce as high as you can and book it to the left. You will leap over a lake of boiling cheese lava stuff. Continue left over the hole and the boiling cheese machine on the next screen. The next screen has a fan and a warp spot, so activate it and leap over the fan to the next screen.

Bounce to maximum height again and clear the next fan. This screen has a fan behind some machinery. Ignore it and fall downwards. Keep close to the cliff and stand as far down as you can on this screen without going off. Below this is a lake of boiling cheese, so take care not to fall in.

Bounce as high as you can from the lowest part of the cliff, and then move left to the next screen. As you fall, aim for the bubbling cheese pipe past the first platform. If you aimed correctly, you will land on a warp spot. From the warp spot, switch to ball #6. You don't need to, but it makes this part much easier to explain. Bounce onto the platform you just flew over on your giant leap to the warp spot. Get as much height as you can, and then leap into the fan, landing on the platform in front of it.

Make sure you hold S the entire time because you need to get out of the fan and make it up to the machinery above it. Head left onto the next small screen, and get maximum height again. Bounce on top of the cheese cliff, holding S the entire time again. As soon as you land, hold left and aim for the warp spot.

Now Space Bar and pick ball #3. Move left and fall in the pit. Move right to the edge of the screen, then move left and hold S so that your final bounce takes you over the fan. This may take a few tries, so be patient. After you've jumped the fan, move down through the cheese cave and hit the warp spot.

Keep going right. The first screen is empty. The next screen has some boiling cheese, but move carefully and you'll be fine. Keep right, climb up the cheese cave cliff, move onto the warp spot, and clear the boiling cheese to reach the next room. Climb the cheese cliff here, then on the next screen, jump to the left to get the necessary height to move all the way up. Move left and fall into the hole at the bottom. You'll fall right onto a warp spot.

Carefully move past the boiling cheese pits in the next rooms and make your way up. Move through the corners of the next rooms and fall down to a screen with a warp spot and a pit of boiling cheese. Make sure you bounce over the blob of cheese with eyes, because it will eat you. Climb up the vertical cheese tunnel and move left onto the warp spot at the top.

This area is frustrating. You have to move the ball onto the platforms and go into the far right tunnel at the top right corner. When you get to the screen with the tunnels, you don't need to use S to make it across to the pillar in the center. Take your time and don't get discouraged.

After making it into the tunnel, you will arrive in a small maze of machinery. Go slow and tag the warp spot. If you bounce once and then book it to the left, you can make it all the way over the cheese with a little luck and a few tries.

On the next screen is a rat and another familiar pillar of light. Press Enter in the light to get ball #8. It bounces really high. REALLY HIGH. Press Esc to get back to Pinewood Heights and save.

Getting Ball #9 Edit

Choose ball #8 (or whatever ball you want) and head back to the spiky guy who gave you ball #2.

From him, head left into the Save cave. Now, head left past the green bouncy platforms to the cat sitting on a hill. Fall down to the bottom of the windy lava pit and enter the tunnel on the right. Bounce up over the stone pillars and fall into the hole on the right edge of the screen.

Shadowlands Edit

This is my favorite level of the game because it reminds me of old games on NES and because I love the music.

There are two paths to take at the start. Pick ball #1 and land in the cranny on the left.

Bounce up into the tunnel on the right and continue onto the floating square. With ball #1 it's fairly easy to move around, so continue on the floating blocks to the right to the next room. There are more floating blocks here. This room is a bit trickier. Bounce as high as you can onto the first block, then bounce as high as you can onto the second. From this block, fall to the right into the bottom tunnel. Fall off the cliff to the right and tap the warp spot.

Move left over the first screen and on the second screen, move halfway left and stand below the hole in the ceiling. It's a fake floor and you will fall through to the next area. In this room, head left through the indentation (and the wall) and tag the warp spot. Be careful because there are many wall traps in this level that will smoosh you faster than you can say nancy.

Head back through the wall and move right through the dark grey bricks to the next screen. Fall down through the pit, and move left to the next screen to find a warp spot.

From here, Space Bar and get ball #8. Don't move left to the alien thing blowing wind down. Move right to the room you came from and bounce up from the eye.

Around here there is a red firefly thing. Your goal is to ram the ball into the firefly. Jump around a bit and figure out where it moves and then slam the ball into it. You will appear at a warp spot to the right of the eyeball in the ground.

Pick ball #8 and move right to see some floating bright white rectangles. These will disappear when you get close, but some also appear when you get close. I'm not going to tell you where exactly they all are, but bounce around until you find your way to the top. Don't bother going in the tunnels on the right side. When you reach the ceiling, there is an invisible block under the lip of the invisible bridge to the warp spot. Land here, then bounce over to the left wall about halfway up to find another invisible block. From there, leap to the warp spot.

The next room has a breeze pulling upwards over a lake. A monster will eat you if you reach the ceiling. Aim for the top opening and continue right. There is a monster here sucking you inwards.

Go in his mouth and down his throat. Keep moving right past the coffee pot and the chair. Eventually you will meet a strange creature with a pillar of light. Press Enter in the pillar and you will get ball #9. Ball #9 is quite possibly the most annoying ball in the game. I hate it with a passion. With your new annoying ball, press Esc and head into the cave to save your game.

Getting ball #10 Edit

From the right side of Pinewood Heights, head back to the left side Save cave and save it there.

Now, choose ball #9, and head left over the hill. Fall down in the hole with the pipe on the side and move left. Step into the strange machine and you will be transported to the future.

The Future Edit

This area is Pinewood Heights covered in ice.

Head up out of the hole and go right. Hit the warp spot below the tower and climb to the top. From the top, bounce upwards as high as you can, and then leap to the right. If you're lucky, you'll make it over the ledge.

Climb up the mountain to where the windy lava spike pit used to be and land on the warp spot. Bounce in and then over the edge, then hit the warp spot on the next screen. On this screen, just stay low and move across the iced lava. Head right, touch the warp spot, then move down the tunnel. Head left through the dangerous icicle tunnel, then move down the hole on the left side.

At the bottom, head right past the frozen cat and to the green bouncy platforms. Aim for the center of the platforms so you go straight up. At the top, head right over the ice and across the frozen lake. On the other side you will meet a ghost and a pillar of light. Press Enter inside to be transported back to the present.

The far side of Ilune lake Edit

Head up the hill to the right to find another pillar of light. Press Enter to get ball #0. Press Esc after you're done playing around with your new ball.

Getting Ball #7 Edit

Now it's time for ball #7. Save your game. then head left past the green bouncy things. Use ball #0 and go into the cave blocked by the breeze.

Crystal Path Edit

Select ball #0 and fall down the hole to the right. Fly left past the fire breathing spider octopus thing and down the hole in the floor. Tap the warp spot and switch to ball #5.

The glass ball breaks if it falls from too high, so you have to leap across the screen to land on the ledges to avoid falling too much vertically. Make your way to the bottom of the screen and drop through the hole in the floor to find a warp spot.

Do the same thing in this room, and then bounce three times and quickly move right to jump under the platform and into the tunnel. From there, move downwards, being careful to go small vertical distances, and leap across the lake and move left. Fall onto the warp spot, which will turn off the blue lasers, and move upward through the hole in the ceiling.

From here, keep going upwards onto the second floating platform. Bounce until you hear the ball almost shatter, then move left onto the edge of the cliff top, then bounce upwards to the next screen. Land on the right, jump through the laser to the left, and carefully move downwards to the left to the next screen.

Bounce up to the first floating platform, jump over the blue circle, and land on the warp spot. Now that you have a place to come back to easily, jump on the center of the blue circle. Hitting it will make the blue bricks vanish and fling you into the air. Land on the highest block, then make your way back to the ground and move past where the blue bricks were to the left.

Land on the warp spot, then move left and press the yellow switch. Jump through the red laser and aim for the left of the blue blocks. Bounce until you hear the ball ding, then land near the right side of the blue ball so it throws you to the right and safely onto the platform to the right. Fall down the hole in the center onto the warp spot. This is another area where you make your way slowly downwards. Head right onto the pillar, then left onto the floating platform. Head right onto the small staircase shaped part of the pillar, then head down to the ground and over the watery pit to the left.

Touch the warp spot, then switch balls to whatever you want. Head left over the hole, then continue left on the next screen and fall down the tunnel on the left. At the end of the tunnel is a girl and a pillar of light. Press Enter in it to get the useless #7 ball, then press Esc.

Finding the last area Edit

Save the game, then pick ball #0 and fly straight up. Hit the warp spot, then pick ball #7.

Move left past the spitting lava lakes and fall down the tunnel to the left. In this lava tunnel, bounce as high as you can, then just book it to the left. Head down the tunnel and then right to the cat. Head right past the green bouncy things, and then fall down the hole that is in sight of the save point.

Move right past the tiger and go down the tubes.

Dr. Cliche's Underwater Lab Edit

This is the final level of the game.

Pick #0 and fall down the pipe. At the bottom, fly to the right and enter the pipe. Start pressing up when you pass the ledge so you don't get shot by the guns.

At the end of this pipe is a room with a laser trap. Fly into the center and tap up until the lasers stop. Head right through the pipe and fly up through the ceiling.

Touch the warp spot, then move left on top of the scanner thing. From here, hold S until you hit the ceiling. Then, on your way up, hold left and tap up twice to move past the electrical trap and into the next room. Grab the warp spot because you will need it.

This room has two lasers moving back and forth to cover the room. When the lasers start moving to the right, go into the maze and get around the edge of the platform before the laser comes back. Wait on the left side until the lasers start moving up, then fly into the hole in the ceiling. Wait for the lasers to reverse direction and pass your hiding place, then move down and to the right and rest on the ledge. Wait for the lasers to pass and move down into the doorway on the right. Follow the pipes down and touch the lighted square on the floor to bring up a light that says "0".

Activating the Code Edit

Space Bar back to the warp spot and fly up to the left back to the room with the electrical trap. Book it left and avoid the electrical trap, tap the warp spot, then descent through the floor. Fly through the hole in the right side to come to a room with numbers in the floor. The numbers spell out "7 1 9 0" This is the code to activate the door in the room.

Remember the "0" you just turned on? That's the "0" in "7 1 9 0". Your goal now is to get the 7.

Space Bar and pick ball #7. Fall in the hole on the left side. Move left through the pipes to find a room with several electrical traps moving side to side. Wait for them to be near the left side, then fall down, keeping to the right wall. When you reach the bottom, head right and tag the glowing white floor tile to make a "7" appear.

Space Bar and pick ball #1. Fall down the middle hole and you'll be greeted by a grid of changing lasers. Watch the pattern for a moment and then leap to the left when the lasers are down. Aim for the platform on the left. When the lasers blocking your way right are gone, move right onto the platform that's down and to the right. Wait for the lasers to go, then move left to the next platform. Wait for the lasers to block your path, then wait for them to vanish and head downward and across the bottom. Once at the bottom, take it slow and move across one square at a time. The final square near the edge has to be jumped because it isn't safe, so just bounce a little and move to the right wall. Climb up the right wall and move right down the pipe to press a white tile for "1".

Space Bar back and pick ball #9. Fall down and into the hole on the right. Head right and go through the door on the right. It doesn't matter if you make the jump because you can bounce that high with the ball regardless. This room has platforms of various sizes and a cannon spitting fireballs downwards. Stick to the bottom and wait for the large gaps between the fireballs before you move. Head right through the door and down into the hole in the floor. Follow the pipe to another white tile and touch it to bring up a "9".

Space Bar back, pick ball #0, fall through the floor, and head right into the teleporter room where the "7 1 9 0" was spelled out. Stand on the glowing red platform and you'll be transported to the next area. Move right and through the floor to reach the bomb room. Move left avoiding the sparks, then hit the button to deactivate the laser and move right through the door.

Head right and down through the pipe to see the ending movie and beat the game.


Secrets Edit

There are two secret codes found in the game that can be used at the underwater lab to unlock secret mini-games:

  • The first one is found at the Harara Mountains with ball #8.
  • The second is given to you by a lion who lives in Shadowlands.