Within a Deep Forest 2
Nicklas Nygren (Nifflas)
Released No (cancelled)
Genre Platformer
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Input Keyboard
Distribution Free
Download Beta version

The pracrice level, running on Mac OS X under CrossOver.

Within A Deep Forest 2 is the abandoned sequel to Within a Deep Forest.

It introduces new ball materials, each with an special alternative ability activated by pressing the "A" key. The unfinished version includes a practice level and 3 locations: City, Factory, and Strange Place. The game does not have any sound effects nor include any music, but it did have a planned soundtrack which is available for download.

The bleak industrial look and feel of the locations was said to be "depressing"[1] compared to the more natural and colorful environments of the first game.

List of ball materials Edit


The ball material selection menu, which appears at the bottom of the screen. The player may click the buttons or press the corresponding number keys.

Like Deep Forest before it, this game includes a number of different materials that the player can transform into at save points. Unlike Deep Forest, pressing the "A" key activates a different special ability for each material. In the beta version the player has the option to unlock all materials on startup, to enable them for testing.

  • Blue - Special ability: Minimizes bouncing to stay on the ground.
  • Black - Moderate bounce. Special ability: Sticks to any surface including vertical walls.
  • Pink - Moderate bounce with a faster speed. Special ability: Activates a force field and stops bouncing or moving.
  • Green - Moderate bounce that seems to have a fast horizontal speed. Special ability: Activates a force field and causes the player to lose control but continues moving.
  • Yellow - High bounce. Special ability: Appears to slow down time and decrease the speed at which gravity affects it.
  • Silver - Moderate bounce with a very fast speed, and emits a small spark on every bounce. Special ability: Emits sparks around itself but loses the ability to bounce.
  • Purple - Appears to be made of a shiny crystalline material and is unable to bounce. Special Ability: Activates a red force field of unknown purpose.
  • Gray - A slow and moderate bounce. Special Ability: Activates a jet that lets it fly above surfaces.
  • Orange - Moderate bounce and phases in and out of view. Special Ability: Decreases bouncing.
  • Black - Minimal bounce and a slow fall. Special Ability: Activates a beam that seems to point towards the location fo a goal.

References Edit

  1. "WADF2 makes me feel... Depressed...?" on the Nifflas support forums.

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