Utopioca Minor is a level in Within a Deep Forest. It does not have any ball material, but at the end a hint regarding Shadowlands can be found.

Entrance and entry requirements Edit

The player must have at least the speed ball (and by extension, the pink ball) or the Yoga ball (and by extension, the pink and iron balls) before being able to enter.


The entrance to this level.

The entrance to this level is a small cave entrance in the cavern below Pinewood Heights. It is too high up for the blue, pink, and glass balls to reach.

Setting and layout Edit

The setting is almost identical to that of Utopioca, using the same graphics and music. It is a cave, with red outlines for walls and the background being dark blue, with bright squares constantly flashing into view and fading out.


The level itself.

The level is only two screens long, not counting the screen at the end which has only the hint. On the first screen, the visible layout is a horizontal mirror of the actual layout, and the layout on the second screen is a vertical mirror. Other than that, the only challenge is simply jumping over electrified pits.

Dialogue Edit

Hints Edit

  • In Shadowlands, when you find a path to a place where you receive a new power, you will probably think "I'm certainly not going THAT way". You should though. Really!