The Underwater Laboratory is a massif facility that forms part of the Undergrounds. Apparently it is also seem to be on the bottom of an ocean or a large body of water.

History Edit

The Underwater Laboratory has being around more that 5000 years. Is known to had being built around the same time of the great human war, In the same time when life on the surface was starting to look for survival deep in the ground.

The creator of the Underwater Laboratory is the known norotirous Dr. Cliche. Also known for be the one the create, Bob, the second playable character in Kyntt Underground, all the enemy robots dispereced around in the unergrounds and for had tested his teleprotation technologie in pixies that sumentaniosly give pass this ability to their desendence.

After the misterious death of the doctor, the laboratory was left abandon for the next 5000 years. The inteligent life of the underground has well fully aware of his existance.

Trivia Edit

  • The Myriadist looks to had hired people to work in the Underwater Labortory as timekeepers. Carfully observing from one of the nearist observatories of the Laboratory close to the surface to determine daytime so that the Myriadist can have a well precisce scheduel for their rituals.
  • Despite the continuous believe that the surface is complete nonsuitable for life forms, it is seen from the windows of the Laboratory that aquatic life still exist in the surface of the earth.

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