That Hover Thing is a level in Within a Deep Forest. The speed ball can be found at the end.

Entrance and entry requirements Edit

The player must have at least the pink ball before being able to enter.


The entrance to this level.

The entrance to this level is a UFO hovering above the metal pillars to the left of the eastern spawnpoint. The pillars that don't bounce the ball upward can't be reached with the blue ball. When the ball is on the top pillar, it will get pulled into the UFO.

Setting and layout Edit

The level is set in a UFO, with blue-green walls and a brown background wall. Pinewood Heights can be seen from the windows.


The level itself.

The level is only one screen in height, and starts the player off in the center, giving them the choice to go in either direction. The ball material can be found on the left of the level, but the player must first press a button on the right of the level to deactivate the wall preventing access. The room on the left also contains the entrance to a tunnel leading directly to the button. The main challenges in the level all deal with lasers, wind blowing upwards or downwards, dodging enemies and their projectiles, or any combination thereof.

Dialogue Edit

Getting the ball material Edit

The creature which gives the player the ball material speaks in these images rather than text.






The speed ball and the creature which gives it to the player.