Shinock Reign is a level in Within a Deep Forest. It is a large tower, home to a recluse who hides in the bottom of his tower.

This level is required to obtain the Iron Ball.

Entrance location and entry requirementsEdit

To enter Shinock Reign, you must at least have the pink ball.

It is located in the west of Pinewood Heights, at the top of the tower.

Setting and LayoutEdit

The tower is four screens tall on the inside, with each segment requiring the ball to guide a spider through the mechanism. A spider will be spawned from the top of each section, and must be guided to the exit leading to the lower floor. If it leaves through one of the holes rather than the proper exit, it will reappear at the top of the given floor.

In the event the ball becomes trapped in the lower floors, there is a teleporter that brings the ball back to the top.


The second floor can be skipped by adjusting the buttons on the first floor. After it passes through the blue door, activate the blue button, wait 6 seconds, and activate the red button.


  • Oh, uh... I'm terribly sorry about the complex mechanism locking my door. You see, I'm sort of afraid of people... in general. Please, bounce into the light and press Enter.
  • The iron ball is very very heavy, and you can use to to... um... break things. It's a bit clumsy though, so you ought to watch out.