Nicklas Nygren (Nifflas)
Publisher(s) Nicalis
Released January 6, 2011
Genre Platformer
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, Nintendo 3DS
Input Keyboard, Gamepad
Distribution Commercial
Download Demo

NightSky is a 2D physics-based puzzle platform game, produced by Nicalis.

The player controls a glowing sphere which can accelerate and decelerate, and sometimes has the ability to invert gravity. The goal is to guide the sphere through 10 different worlds, each divided into 13 three-screen sections, each section containing a challenge or a puzzle. The soundtrack was made by Chris Schlarb.

Development Edit

NightSky had a long development history: first announced in 2007, it was known variously as Skymning and Night Game. On May 5, 2008, Nygren released three minigames that were going to be part of the project, but were abandoned due to incompatibilities with the new engine. In 2009, news appeared that the game would only be released for the Wii.[1] Only in late 2010 it was announced that the PC version would appear first and was released on the Steam digital download service on March 1, 2011.[2] The Wii version was eventually cancelled but the game later arrived on the Nintendo 3DS in 2012.

The game was cloned for iPhone by an unknown developer before it was even released, who used the same basic idea, same controls, same visual style, and similar levels, leading to some controversy.

References Edit

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