Nano Pack
Nicklas Nygren (Nifflas)
Genre Compilation
Platform(s) Windows
Input Keyboard, Mouse
Distribution Free
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The Nano Pack is a collection of games that were originally planned to be mini-games within other games, along with other games that were turned into really tiny mini-games instead of just being abandoned.[1]

Also included is a portfolio by Sara Sandberg who drew Within a Deep Forest and Knytt characters and illustrated the T-shirts.

Pack contents Edit


Screenshots from various games in the Nano Pack

  • Bagatelle - A simple version of the indoor table game of the same name, similar to pachinko.
  • Cannon - Aim a cannon with the mouse to dislodge pegs from the center.
  • ClickDrop - Another variation of bagatelle.
  • Knytt Nano - Originally intended to be a new Knytt game, it concerns the attempts of a new, unnamed Knytt trying to return home. It was cancelled when Nifflas ended up developing NightSky instead. Not to throw away the content that had already been created, he used the sprites to create a small mini-game.[2]
  • Nano Lasers - A small puzzle game, the object of which is to cause a laser beam to strike a block, overcoming various obstacles. According to Nifflas it was just him "testing out some random idea."[2] Contains music by Nurykabe.
  • Nano Portfolio - An art collection is entitled that contains a small amount of art ranging from "Gubba" to pixel art. All of the pieces are made by Sara Sandberg who assisted Nifflas with the creation of many of his previous games.

Bagatelle, Cannon, and ClickDrop were originally meant to be mini-games for NightSky, but Nifflas decided that they "simply weren't good enough."[2]

References Edit

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