Race/Species Fairy
Gender Female
Faction(s) Unkown
Related to Catherine (mother)

Cilia (sister)

Ezra (father)

Miriam is Cilia's younger half-sister. She lives with her mother Catherine in a small cottage under the forest.

History Edit

Miriam was born from a love affair that Ezra (Cilia's father) had with another fairy woman (Catherine). This act almost destroyed Cilia's very conservative family. Witnessing how her own father couldn't stand up to his own ideals with which he had raised her was what led Cilia to begin questioning the Myriadist faith.

A peace agreement seems to have happened between the two families. Ezra and Cilia's mother seem to have stayed together and moved to Oslo while Catherine decided to raise her child herself. Miriam constantly asks permission of her mother to let her visit her father and her sister. Catherine agrees most of the time but is concerned about how Miriam is treated by Cilia's mother.

Despite the conflit between Cilia's family having a problem with Miriam's existence she seems very happy with spending time with her older half-sister.

Apparence Edit

Miriam is an eight-year old fairy. She has short, messy black hair along with black eyes. She has blue skin, similar to Cilia's but a bit darker. Like Cilia, she also has yellow and orange wings. She wears a long white shirt with the Roman numeral three (Ⅲ) in the middle of a neon green square.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about Miriam's personality aside for her being an energetic, happy little fairy girl. She loves spending time with her older sister Cilia. She looks at her as a role model (who can be seen as a bad influence, seeing as how Miriam is learning from her sister's constant swearing).

Trivia Edit