Medina is a small town in the undergrounds that was abandoned by his habitants. It is located above the Mushroom Village. It was formaly Cilia´s hometown.

History Edit

Medina is was a beautifull blooming town inhabited by faries and sprites. This area contain large desactivated human machines suspended on the hair by tubes and plomery. Dispaite this, the sprites manage to make homes out of this machines by make openings in the remenings of this strutures. Fairies live in a complex below the sprite houses.

One day, the human machines they were activated simultaneously and start to produce a series of minor earthquakes in the area. This lead to the living Sprites to abandon their homes by fearing something bad will happen. This was no problem for the faries but after that, the machines start making strange sounds that scare the Faires aswell which lead to also leave the town.

After the town was abandon. A final earthquake block the entrance to Medina.