Nicklas Nygren Wiki

This page aims to be a complete and exhaustive list of all the games by Nicklas Nygren.

Main Series[]

Within a Deep Forest[]

Knytt series[]

Stand-alone games[]

Early games[]

  • Geoffrey the Fly - a simple platformer.
  • Pteranodon - a simple 2D, vertical-scrolling, single player, musical shoot 'em up game.
  • Riddle - a simple puzzle game in which the goal is to discover the rules.
  • Roll - a simple ball-based platformer.
  • The Turtle Philosopher - a simple platformer.
  • The #ModArchive series - early ball-based platformers.
    • #ModArchive Story
    • #ModArchive Story 2: Operator Status

Minigames and side projects[]

  • Nano Pack - A collection of minigames that were originally planned to be included in other games, and an art portfolio by Sara Sandberg.
  • 7 Nanocycles
  • 7 Light-years
  • Alina Constantin x2
  • Avoid the Evil Space Eel - A rhythm minigame created for the No More Sweden competition.[1]
  • Battle Combat Fighters x3
  • Battle Cube
  • blebLuble
  • Car Game - A minigame created for a one-hour game design competition.
  • Det Officiella EDGE Dataspelet - A minigame programmed by Nygren for EDGE festivalen.[2]
  • Find Love
  • R-Type 3.141592653589793238469 - A minigame created for the No More Sweden 2009 competition.
  • Six Shots of Whiskey
  • Spela Spelet
  • The Big Sea
  • The Mushroom Engine - An updated version of an earlier game by another author, Jump On Mushrooms: The Game.
  • Tikkiit
  • Ynglet

Abandoned projects[]

Early betas include:

  • Dis - The player takes control of a man as he runs through a disintegrating train.
  • Goble - Precursor to The Turtle Philosopher, Goble also features the Nifflas ball.
  • Pie War in Water - A 2-player racing game.

The betas and abandoned projects are downloadable here.

Other contributions and credits[]

Nygren has also been credited on the following games:

  • Bonesaw - A hockey-themed adventure game.[3]
  • Floating Islands Game - A puzzle game similar to Lemmings.[4]
  • Heroes in Guitarland - A music game similar to Guitar Hero.[5]

Nygren has also contributed to the enhanced soundtrack of the WiiWare version of the popular indie game, Cave Story, for Nicalis, Inc.[6]

Common themes and features[]

Elements common to many Nifflas games include:

  • Solid black 2D terrain in front of photrealisticc backgrounds
  • A bouncing ball, usually with abilities that alter its physics.
  • A "knytt" or "sprite" that can climb walls.
  • Generally open-ended worlds where the player is free to travel in any direction.
  • "Warp points," spots that save the game progress and let the player respawn after death.
  • Difficult zones that require a high degree of skill and demand split-second control.
  • Secret areas that are usually accessed by walking through what appears to be solid terrain.
  • 3 "save slots" that allow for multiple players or campaigns to record their progress.
  • A lack of penalties such as number of lives or time limits.