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Knytt Stories
Nicklas Nygren (Nifflas)
Genre Platformer
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Input Keyboard
Distribution Free
Download Full game

Knytt Stories features Juni, a character who shows up commonly in Knytt myths and stories.[1] In the game, the player acts out these stories (also called levels or worlds) as Juni.

The two stories that comes bundled with the game, "Tutorial - Learn How to Play Knytt Stories" and "The Machine - A Save-the-World Adventure," are fairly short, but the game comes with a full level editor and support for many extra levels in game, loaded from .knytt.bin files.

This format is meant to allow for easy access to new stories designed by Nygren as well as to encourage community development of expansion packs and third party stories.[2][3]


To date, Nygren has released two official expansion packs, A Strange Dream (featuring the 4 stories: "A Strange Dream - That Night, She Had a Strange Dream," "An Underwater Adventure - ...In an Underwater Laboratory," "Sky Flower - Abstract and Slightly Pretentious," and "This Level is Unfinished - The Author Simply Lost His Interest"), and Other Levels (featuring the story: "Gustav's Daughter").

Nygren has also released a story, the purpose of which is to explain some of the advanced features available for level design. This story is entitled "Advanced Features Demo - Useful for Level Designers."


while in any level press(crt+shift+c) and you will hear a sound if it worked.

while in cheat mode press space to float/invincable you can save your point with (space+down arrow).

you can also teleport(space+right click) right click on anywhere you want to go.


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