Knytt Nano
Nicklas Nygren (Nifflas)
Released No (cancelled)
Genre Platformer
Platform(s) Windows
Input Keyboard
Distribution Free
Download Part of the Nano Pack

Knytt Nano is a very short game that was planned as a sequel to Knytt. It was cancelled when Nifflas ended up developing NightSky instead. Not wanting to throw away the content he had already been created, Nifflas made a minigame out of the sprites.[1] The game was included in the Nano Pack.

Nano concerns the attempts of a new, unnamed Knytt trying to return home. The player has to discover the combination of colors and numbers which will open the entrance to the objective.


In the clouds above the starting location. This image is the actual size of the game window.


The locked entrance to the knytt's home.

The game plays in an extremely small (120 by 120 pixels) window. As in all other Knytt games, the player is freely able to climb any walls. An additional ability to run is activated by the "A" key.

Nano contains music by Toad§tyle.

References Edit

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