Other Name(s) Sister Hannah
Race/Species Fairy
Gender Female
Faction(s) Myriadist
Related to Cilia (ex-girlfriend)

Rachel (mother)

Ward (father)

Hannah is a college friend of Cilia, they used to attend Megabyte's University together until she mysteriously disappeared.

Personality Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Hannah, like Cilia, belongs to a very conservative Myriadist family.
  • Philips claims that her disappearance was because she fell in love with a boy that her parents didn't accept.
  • Her parents are Rachel and Ward.
  • Hannah said that Cilia did something that the Myriadists consider wrong. Cilia's reaction about Hannah joining St. Pauline and Dora's comment that she will someday find someone (of either gender) with which to spend her life implies that Cilia and Hannah had romantic feelings towards one another, but Hannah decided to follow the Myriadist ways.