Crystalline is a level in Within a Deep Forest. It does not have any ball material, but at the end a hint regarding Shinock Reign can be found.

Entrance location and entry requirements Edit

The player must have at least the pink ball before being able to enter.


The entrance to this level.

The entrance to this level is a small cave entrance slightly to the left of the eastern spawnpoint. It is too high up for the blue ball to reach.

Setting and layout Edit

The setting is almost identical to that of Crystal Path, using the same graphics and music. It is a cave, with glistering walls which are a dark bluish color on the outside and black on the inside, with small crystal formations on the floors and ceilings.


The level itself.

The level is very short and has no challenges besides a few jumps over water.

Dialogue Edit

Hints Edit

  • In Shinock Reign, the tower at the western side of Pinewood Heights, the spider is important. But to get there, you must first leave this level by pressing Esc.